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Digital Captable

Official Captable, updated and mistake-free Stop using inefficient excel sheets. A single captable ready to be presented to the register and easily calculate operations.

Official Captable
Updated Data
Accurate numbering and %
File for the Commercial Registry
Types of shares
Access for Shareholders
Calculation of Operations
Linked deeds
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Captable Features

With Sttok, you have the updated captable in a unique database. Stop using outdated excel sheets. With Sttok, the mistake-free Captable allows you to know at any time the up-to-date data on numbering, premiums, fully diluted as well as exact %.

Official Document

With Sttok you have an updated Official Membership Book to be able to submit it to the Commercial Registry.

Updated Captable

Access to the Company's fully updated captable You will not have outdated excels with errors.

Details of each shareholder

Detailed file of each shareholder with the shares, numbering, classes, deeds, certificates and details of all operations in which he/she has participated.

Shareholder access

If you wish, each shareholder has access to his or her file with all the updated information, access to their deeds, certificates, etc.


With Sttok the shares or units are perfectly numbered. You will know in detail the origin and owner.


Direct access to each deed to be able to control the origin of any share. Documentary repository included.

Accurate data and %

By unifying data on shareholders, beneficiaries, investors and operations, you will have accurate, up-to-date and detailed information.

Calculation and registration of operations

You can calculate and generate documentation in a few seconds for all types of operations: capital increase, sale, split, renumbering, etc.

Types of shares

You can have different types of shares with their specific configuration: independent numbering, preferential rights, number of votes, etc...

Accessible, updated and available Captable.


If you want, shareholders will be able to access their shares No., deeds, %, etc. Avoid losing time answering information requirements.

Professional digital management

The management of a company's captable must be carried out with a professional and digital tool such as Sttok. Stop using outdated excel sheets that generate mistakes and mistrust.

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Perform any corporate operation within a few minutes

Instantaneous calculation of operations

With Sttok you can carry out any transaction involving multiple shareholders or investors in just a few minutes, generating accurate and mistake-free data and documentation.

Save time and money

Because of having a digitized captable, you can get transactions ready saving more than 80% of your time. For example, you can prepare a capital increase or sale and purchase in a few minutes, generating the calculations and documents without complications.

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