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Incentive Plans Management

The most professional way to create and maintain phantom shares and stock option plans. Sttok generates all the calculations, documents and calendars. Moreover, you will be able to give each beneficiary access to his/her plan

Phantoms or Esop
Automatic creation of all the documents
Online signature of the invitation letter
Beneficiaries access to their own file
Automatic vesting update
Updated dashboard
Planes de Incentivos

Gestión de Planes de Incentivos

Incentive Plans features

Automated management. Included document generation and signature.

All kinds of plans

With Sttok you can automatically create and manage all kinds of incentive plans for employees, management and others.

Access for beneficiaries

Each beneficiary (employee) can access their personal file with all the updated information, their units value, evolution, contracts, certificates, etc.

Automatically generate invitation letter

With Sttok, you can automatically create the invitation letter for each beneficiary, with their data, units, vesting calendar, etc.

Online signature

With Sttok, create the invitation letters and automatically manage their signature and storage. Avoid losing time with the bureaucracy that doesn't add value.

Vesting and calendars automatically updated.

Sttok not only automatically creates vesting calendars, but also maintains them updated

Exact and updated calculations

Sttok does all the calculations mistake-free. You will be able to automatically calculate the "pool", number of units per beneficiary, etc.


Manage your company's phantom plan easily. Sttok lets you know the exact beneficiaries and their conditions.


You can create and easily manage an ESOP for your employees with Sttok.

Add value for your employees

With Sttok, your employees will see their plan and understand the value of their phantoms or ESOP. They will understand the plan's value

Clients testimonial about Incentive plans

Accessible, updated and online Incentive Plans.

Access for employees

Maximize the value for your employees by providing access to their incentive plan details. Beneficiaries will be able to access their file with all their information.

Mobile access

Sttok is accessible both from the computer and the mobile phone. Employees will be able to check their incentive plans and understand the value they have generated through their phones.
Acceso mobile planes incentibos

Digitally managed Incentive Plans.

Instantaneous calculation of operations

With Sttok you can perform any operation of delivery of new phantoms, digital signature of the invitation letter, automatic vesting, etc. You will have an accurate picture of the progress and status of the incentive plan.

Save time and money

By having all data unified in Sttok, the management of incentive plans is simplified, avoiding mistakes and speeding up the creation of documentation and all associated calculations.
planes de incentivos

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