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Solution for
Investors, VC y Funds

The entire portfolio of invested companies in a single place with real and updated data. You will be able to know exactly the % ND, %FD and potential FD, have access to deeds of transactions, shareholders’ meetings, etc.

Direct acces to your investments’ captable

Startups or high-growth companies using Sttok give their investors access to the official and up-to-date captable. Sttok is a company digitalization software that optimizes and automates management.

Portfolio of invested companies
Access to captable
Access to deeds
Exact % FD/ND
Shareholders meeting
Access for Shareholders
Calculate Rounds
Corporate documents
Operations simulator
grupo societario con Sttok

Unifica la información de participadas

Real time access to the captable

In the past, excels were used to manage the equity of the companies, generating errors and outdated information. With Sttok, investors have access to up-to-date and error-free information about their investment.

Much more than captable

With Sttok, digitize corporate management. It includes multiple features such as captable, operations simulator, incentive plans, shareholders meetings, etc.
grupo societario con Sttok

Rounds and convertible notes calculation

Instantaneous calculation of operations

You will be able to calculate without mistakes different rounds with %, premiums and exact data. You will be able to simulate all types of operations and scenarios easily with real and updated data.

Scenario simulation

You can calculate all kinds of scenarios, valuations, investments, etc. In a few minutes you have a simulation with accurate and updated data.
Simulador ampliación capital

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