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Sttok’s features

All the data and corporate documents updated in a single place. Manage shareholders, investors, incentive plans, scenario modeling, shareholders meetings, boards, minutes and deeds in few minutes.

Incentive plans
Shareholders meetings
Operations calculation
Board meetings
Corporate Groups
Documentary management
Tender Offers sales


Features details

Sttok offers features that allow digitalization and automation of corporate management.

Updated Captable

Access to the Company's fully updated captable You will not have outdated excels with errors.

Incentive plans

Complete too to plan, create and manage both phantoms and stock options (ESOP).

Operations simulator

Simulate in each capital increase, calculation of price per share, fully diluted value, numeration or premiums in few minutes.

Shareholders meetings

Manage shareholders meetings. Digital call, vote delegation, assistance control, votes, minutes, certificates, etc.

Board meetings

Digitally manage board meetings. Calls, assistance, delegations, votes, minutes, certificates, etc.

Corporate groups

All the companies in the same place. Efficiently digitize and automatize corporate groups management.

Board of directors

Manage the members of the boards of the company and automatically control the validity of their position.

Corporate documents

Deeds, minutes, captable, register of deeds, powers, etc. Easily access or generate documents in few seconds.

Buy offers /Secondary

Incentive buyback offer, share purchase offers management. Secondary sells.

Online software, intuitive and easy to use

Very visual app

In a completely visual way, you will have access to the updated information in the captable to manage it easily.

Easy and intuitive

Sttok is a service designed to ease work. Usability to work efficiently.

Clients testimonial

Accessible from any device

Mobile access

Sttok has a powerful usability interface accessible from any device.

Easy and intuitive

All the information accessible for any place and device. All the data available

Equity and Company Management Software

Companies, Law firms, Corporate Groups and Investors use Sttok to manage companies efficiently.