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Simulate operations with exact and real data

Easily calculate all kinds of operations and scenarios in few seconds. Calculate capital increases, rounds, sells, convertible notes, etc. Also generate the simulation’s documents in few minutes.

Scenario simulator
Capital increase
Convertible Note
Exact calculation of %
Generate documents
Shares numeration
Update and modify scenarios
simulador operaciones

Operations simulator features

In just a few seconds it automatically simulates and calculates increases, performing all the calculations of %, FD, number of shares, numbering, dilution, etc.


You can simulate all kinds of operations with real and updated data. Know exactly the % and dilution for each shareholder mistake-free.

Capital increase

Calculate a capital increase in seconds You will be able to see the details of the new investors with the exact % that they will have and also how the current shareholders will change.

Convertible Notes | Safe

Create a Convertible Note or a SAFE in few seconds. Establish discounts, interests and maturity dates. Sttok performs all calculations without mistakes and with real data.

Accurate data and %

Real data, updated and mistake-free. Calculate %, number of shares or contributions of each shareholder or investor with the exact non-diluted, fully diluted and potential fully diluted.

Generate documentation

Automatically generate documents for capital increases, purchase and sale of shares, rounds, convertible notes, etc. In few minutes, with real data and mistake-free.


Simulate or prepare the purchase and sale of shares in a few minutes with the real data of numbering, classes and generate the deeds.

Automatic numeration

With Sttok you can automatically have the numbering of new shares, bonuses, exact number of shares without errors.

Save time and avoid mistakes

By having the actual and updated data you will be able to perform the calculations quickly and without mistakes. Avoid losing hours and hours, use Sttok to simulate capital increases.

Generate deeds

With Sttok you will be able to generate in a few minutes the deeds of capital increases or sales and purchases.

Operations simulator

Capital increase

Simulates and automatically calculates capital increases, performing all calculations of %, number of shares, numbering, dilution, etc.

Convertible Note or SAFE

You can establish all kinds of rules and conditions: Interest, discounts, dates of contribution, destination of interest, etc.
Simulador ampliación capital

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Perform any corporate operation within a few minutes

Instantaneous calculation of operations

With Sttok you can carry out any transaction involving multiple shareholders or investors in just a few minutes, generating accurate and mistake-free data and documentation.

Save time and money

By having the captable digitized, you can prepare transactions saving more than 80% of your time. For example, you can prepare a capital increase or sale and purchase in a few minutes by generating the calculations and documents without complications.
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