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Digital Startup Management. Focus on growing the company and use Sttok for round calculations, incentive plans, captable, meetings, etc…

Easily manage the secondary part.

You will be able to manage the corporate part, save time and have a powerful tool for the Captable, Calculation of Rounds, Convertible Notes, Meetings, Shareholders, Investors, Incentive Plans, etc.

Official Captable
Incentive plans
Shareholders meeting
Operations Simulator
Exact % FD/ND
Access for Shareholders
Save legal costs
Save time
Libro de socios con Sttok

Advantajes of using Sttok

Calculate capital increases or convertible notes easily

Avoid mistakes and gain efficiency by calculating rounds, notes or other operations in a few minutes and without errors. Avoid using Excels which can generate errors and use Sttok.

Phantoms and much more

Equity and company management has to be done with a professional and digital tool such as Sttok. Manage the incentive plan easily, without errors and give employees access to their file.

Used by leading startups

Sttok is the tool used by high-growth startups and we are the platform referenced by VCs.
Acceso mobile planes incentivos

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Calculate rounds, notes or operations in few minutes

Instantaneous calculation of operations

With Sttok you can carry out any transaction involving multiple shareholders or investors in just a few minutes, generating accurate and mistake-free data and documentation.

Save time and money

By having the captable digitized, you can prepare transactions saving more than 80% of your time. For example, you can prepare an extension or sale and purchase in a few minutes by generating the calculations and documents instantly.
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