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Equity and Company Management Software

Captable, incentive plans, phantoms, boards and shareholders meetings, scenario modeling and capital increases, secondaries, etc.

Complete software

Complete features integrated for corporate management

We gather all the features to digitally manage companies. You can access a digitized captable, manage incentive plans, shareholders meetings, scenario modeling among other interesting features. Sttok is a key tool for Companies, Lawyers or Startups as it automizes tasks saving time and avoiding mistakes. You will access exact data and information, always updated. See features.


Digital captable to manage equity. Updated mistake-free.

Incentive plans

The most professional way to create and maintain all kinds of phantom and stock option plans.

Operations Simulator

Calculate all kinds of operations with exact and updated data.

Shareholders Meetings

Manage shareholders meetings: call, delegations, votes, etc.

Buy offers

Manage and execute secondary operations. Tender offers.

Corporate documents

Generate documents, deeds, certificates or minutes within seconds.

Groups of Companies

All companies under a digital management system.

Board of directors

Digitally manage the call, delegations, votes, etc.
Leading platform

Benefits for professionals

Hundreds of companies, startups and law firms use Sttok. They save time, avoid mistakes and access updated data, % and information anytime. In the past, they used excel sheets for these tasks. Investors and funds recommend us to their invested companies and lawyers to manage their investments. Professionalize equity and company Management management with Sttok.

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Who uses Sttok?

Professionals who have digitized equity and company management and now can do much more in much less time. They have automated corporate tasks which allows them to save time, access exact data and provide a better service to their clients or shareholders and investors.

Companies and corporate groups

Digitally manage companies or corporate groups Updated digital captable Digital management of boards and councils. Automatic generation of minutes, certificates, calls, proxies, etc. Avoid mistakes and save time


For Lawyers who manage companies, council secretaries, capital increases, boards or councils, etc. You will be able to provide a professional service to your clients and avoid mistakes. You won't have to use outdated excels and will save more than 50% of your time.


Ideal for startups and investors. Access the shareholders' details, shares No., FD% and ND%, etc. Plan different round scenarios, capital increases and convertible notes with exact data and %. Manage incentive plans for employees.

Clients testimonial

Professionals leaders in their sector, share their experience using Sttok to manage shareholders, boards, incentive plans, meetings or capital increases. Get to know customer success stories.


Our commitment with security

Sttok is ISO-27001 certified by Bureau Veritas and complies with all European privacy and information security regulations.


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Equity and company management Sttok

Get to know how Sttok can help you with equity and company management depending on your needs and save tame and avoid mistakes with the leading software for corporate management. See features.